Saturday, November 15, 2008

Time for a Change

Now that the election is over and John McCain pretty much blew it, I've decided it's time for a few changes. I'm big enough to admit that these things have been in process for a while. The results of the Presidential election simply put the final piece into place for me.

The first change is that I'm done with the Republican party. Kind of a shame. I was raised Republican. My family is of Republican leaning kinds of people, for the most part and we're all pretty much conservative. But the Republican party no longer represents me or my interests - at least not accurately. I first really saw this when the Republicans took control of Washington. There they were in total control of everything and they completely alienated the rest of us. It's like they all went to Washington and stuck their heads into a time warp of stupidity. They did everything wrong, were an embarrasement and eventually got voted out. Look at where the party is today. What a shame. I refuse to associate with a party that acts that way and is that stupid.

So now I'm an independent. That's an interesting place to be in. It's kind of freeing!

I now listen to Neil Boortz too. There are days when he drives me crazy, but he's spot on with the Fair Tax. Good stuff. Once again, it's something that the Republicans ignored to their detriment. Of course, the Dem's are ignoring it too. Too bad for them. Whichever party wakes up first and latches on will own a major foothold in Washington...

While I am no fan of Obama or the left leaning people he seems to be picking, I do respect the man for an incredible campaign. He got it right. He ACTED presidential which is exactly what he needed to do. I'm hoping he is an incredible president. We'll see.

The other problem with the Republican party is their inability to relate to people and to explain the advantages of "Rugged Individualism." I love individualism. I don't want to suck off the government's tit. I don't want the government to own me or to rescue me. But rugged individualism is also very hard. And most people don't understand it. And further, those who do understand it - Republicans mind you, are absolutely horrible at incorporating compassion into their message. The Democrats are all over this one and I applaud them for that.

One other thing. I listened to most of A Prarie Home Companion the other day.

It wasn't too bad.

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