Friday, December 5, 2008

Obama's $30M surplus

So our new president has some extra bucks he needs to get rid of. Hmmmmm.

Click below of follow the link to read the AP article.

Let's see if we can think of some things he might could do with his extra money.

I heard Hillary Clinton was in debt. Mr. Obama wants the voters to help her pay it off, even though I'm pretty sure she could afford to pay it off herself. But hey, who wants to do that???? But Mr. Obama has some extra cash. He could help her with her debt. Oh shucks, that's no fun. Let the common plebes take care of it.

The article say's that the Democratic National Committee is carrying about $5 million in debt, with almost $12 million cash on hand. DNC officials say they expect to have the debt paid by the end of the year. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee carries some $19 million in debt and less than $3 million on hand. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is nearly $13 million in debt.

Well now, there's some folks he could help out I suppose...

How about this one? I know some poor American car makers who keep going to Washington in their, no, no, I mean their cars to ask for help. Seems they screwed up their companies something good and now they need some help to fix things. Mr. Obama, being the generous, organizing type of soul that he is could help those guys out.

Oh wait. I know a better one.

Give the money to the common folks of this country who go to work everyday and pay their taxes.

That might help the economy.

On a closing note - if McCain had won the election and he had this much money left over, I'd say the same thing.

Wait and see where the money goes...

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