Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Question of the day

I'm in the Real Estate industry so I'm interested in the buying interests of people. Here in Oklahoma, and in Owasso in particular, the housing industry is very strong. So here's the question for today.

If you found a great home that you fell in love with - either an existing property or new - would you buy it if you weren't intentionally looking for another home?

Second part of the question: What is the deciding factor that compels you to move, buy or sell a house?



Keith said...

1) Depends on how loud or obnoxious my neighbors / their children have been the past week.

2) See number 1.

Jenn said...

1) Yes. If it was my dream house, I would definitly buy it, even if I wasn't looking at the time.

2) I'm actually considering moving right now. My current house is too large, too difficult to heat/cool, needs too many "updates", and is attached to a family of elephants, I swear.

Owasso Bob said...

Hey Jenn,

Moving to our area?