Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wanna Go to the Superbowl?

Hey, the Superbowl is right around the corner! Here's a tidbit of info about the big game you might find interesting.

Ever wondered who all those people are in the stands at the Superbowl?

Answer: The lucky, the connected, and the wealthy few. Dolphin Stadium has a stated capacity of 70,000 fans for this game. The National Football League controls the tickets and metes them out accordingly: 17.5 percent of the tickets go to each of the two teams playing in the game; 5 percent go to the Dolphins; 34.8 percent are distributed to the other 29 NFL teams; and the league keeps 25 percent to distribute as it sees fit to its friends and partners (usually the same). The NFL holds a random drawing each year for the right to buy an unspecified number of tickets to the following year’s game. The drawing is just about the only chance the Average Joe has to buy a ticket at face value (about $700). Three months before this year’s kickoff, the scalpers at tickco.com were getting anywhere from $2,600 for a nosebleed end zone seat to $6,000 for a spot between the 20 yard lines down near the field.

BONUS FACT That $2,600 for a lousy seat is about half as much as the NFL drops on each of the 150 champions’ rings the NFL gives the games’ winning teams, and a mere 3 percent of the shares it pays to the champs.

This info was taken from the Southwest Airlines in flight magazine. For the full story and other stuff you never knew about the Superbowl, click here.


Keith said...

Pretty sad commentary as to part of what drives the economy.

Keith said...

When is the Superbowl? I honestly have no idea.

Owasso Bob said...

I believe the superbowl is the first weekend of February now...