Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hey World...I'm back!

Not that anyone will see this right off the bat, but I'm back.

I took down my old site as I felt that circumstances in my life at the time dictated it. However, those circumstances have now changed and so I have decided to begin posting again.

In last few days life has been pretty crazy. I'm in the midst of a job and a career change. It is all very exciting and somewhat nerve racking too. But one thing is sure. I know that God is in this and that He is leading me and Diane into a whole new world. I'm going to be able to work with churches in an incredible way. And I'm very excited about that.

In the meantime there is pain involved. Isn't there always pain involved when change comes about? But pain usually doesn't last forever and this certainly won't in our lives. It really is sort of a mere inconvenience...except that there are people involved who are very dear friends. I feel badly for them - even more so than I do for myself.

There is also relief involved. Much stress in my life is now gone and for this I am very grateful.

I'm surprised at how quickly I am adapting to the changes swirling around me. I can see God's hand in this in every way.

So check back often as I will be writing now on a variety of topics and chronicling our new direction and journey in life. I enjoy the blogging community and look forward to hearing from you.


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