Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Test Results Are In

In my last post I asked God to not wait too long. I was referring to His acting in our situation with Diane's tumor as well as cluing us into how we would be proceeding. We'll He didn't wait.

The doctor called TODAY with good news!

There are NO cancer cells anywhere AND the tumor is not a grapefruit sized beast, but rather more in the orange category!


The course of treatment is going to be a medicine called Yaz. How's that for kind of crazy? If Diane's body accepts this medicine the tumor will shrink and go away.

So our prayer request now is for Diane's body to be okay with the medicine. Her disease sometimes makes taking new medicine a nightmare. Please pray that that does not happen in this situation or we could be facing surgery. We don't want that.

Pray also that the stuff I'm learning will stay in my head. There's a lot of it and some of it keeps falling out. I'm having to put it back in there and keep after it!

Thanks God!


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