Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

Today is Thanksgiving.

We got up early this morning - at least Diane and me. Had our coffee, visited with Teddy and Carmel (the dogs), picked up the traditional Thanksgiving day paper that weighed 10 lbs and began our morning.

Thanksgiving traditionally includes crepes for the kids made by me. This is always a favorite. So I spent an hour mixing and cooking these wonderful thin french pancakes for everybody. After rousing the kids (one of whom stayed up till 5 a.m.) we enjoyed an increasingly rare breakfast together. It was nice.

Diane likes to put up the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving day. I think Christmas is way too long and way too comercialized so, of course, I grinch about it and put it off as long as possible, but usually subcum Thanksgiving night. She is like a kid in a candy store. I'm grumpy.

This year we're putting the tree up early - like right after we ate breakfast. Yesterday Chris and I got after it and got all the lights up and working outside in the yard, on the fences and on the house. We even got the manger scene put into place. And as we did this I found a strange kind of a movitation to get it done. I wanted to do it. And I wanted to do it before she got home last night. We made it...just barely.

Today I find I am motivated to get this Christmas tree up and all the decorations going.

Why? Why is it that when you find out that one you love has something like a tumor that you suddenly find the energy, motivation and desire to do things for them that you previously did not have?

For me it is because I want her to be okay.
I want her around.
I want to grow old with her.

And I don't want her to have a tumor.

Questions run through my mind that are too scary to answer right now. Questions that begin with, "What if" and don't have pleasant answers.

This thanksgiving brings much thankfulness for us and for me. And most of it revolves around two people - God and Diane.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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