Monday, November 20, 2006

An Invitation to Join our Prayer Warrior Team

If you've found your way to this post by accident or by invitation, please read on!

Diane and I are heading off in a new direction in our lives and while it is exciting, it is also somewhat unsure...especially for Diane. I know she is dealing with questions such as, "Will we make it?", "Will there be food on the table?", "Can he do this?" (meaning my new job), etc.

One thing we have discussed is that we've got to have prayer cover to be successful in our new venture. And so we are forming a prayer warrior team. If you join this team we are simply asking for your prayers on a daily basis for some specific goals we want to accomplish.

Here's the list for Phase 1. Phase 1 will last from now until the end of January.

1. Please pray every day that God will give Diane peace and that He will heal her from her Fibromyalgia.

2. Pray for God's hand on our kids' lives as they'll be attending church on many Sundays apart from us for a while.

3. Pray for us that we will be strong during this transition time.

4. Pray for success in my pre-licensing and testing phase. I am now studying for this and will go to OKC sometime in December to take the actual test. I have to pass this test in order to obtain my real estate license.

5. Pray for the sale of my first house before the end of January. This will put food on our table and make my wife much easier to live with!

6. Pray for God to be speaking to our hearts and giving us comfort as we are absent from FCC during this time. We'll be in church somewhere, but not with the people we love so much.

7. Pray for God to already be working to reveal to us churches where I can go to help. I'm looking forward to talking with church leaders about why their church is or is not growing. I'm looking forward to preaching in pulpits and to being able to help churches that have lost their preacher for some reason. I'm very excited about these opportunities. I'm also hoping that this may develop into consulting opportunities.

That's it for now. If you will join us as a prayer warrior here's what we are asking of you...

- that you will pray daily with us for these seven things.
- that you will be faithful to lift us up before the Lord.
- that you will stay in touch with us so we can give you updates of how God is leading (or let us stay in touch with you).

I am hoping to build a large team of committed people who will join with us faithfully. We believe in the power of prayer and believe strongly that this is a key element to moving forward. Will you be one of our prayer warriors?

If so, please respond to me via email or to this post if you are in the blogging community. I'll write soon about how the response is coming and keep you informed of how God is working in our lives.


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