Thursday, December 14, 2006


I was originally going to take my license exam today, but instead decided to attend the funeral of a very good friend of ours father. It was a very nice service. Sounds like he would have been a great guy to know. I feel very badly for the family and their loss.

Over lunch Diane's doctor called and said they had received the results from the ultrasound scans and that the doctor now wants to do a big funky kind of a word procedure that means they want to do a biopsy of the dark invader in her uterus.

Couple of thoughts here...

First of all I thought the doctor had looked at these scans. Isn't that why we are on this medicine?

Secondly, there were lots of assurances that this isn't anything to lose sleep over. I told Diane that we'd rather have a doctor that is like this rather than one who says, "Oh we'll just watch it." But still, you're not going to sleep well until the biopsy is done and the results are back and the doctor says something like, "Everything is fine. I was just checking to be sure." So pray for us. We've got some more restless nights ahead now...

Third, we're about to go through an insurance change so please pray that this goes smoothly and that the new insurance company doesn't act like a lot of insurance companies do and make us start all over with everything or fill out enough paper work to cover the national debt or maybe require DNA from our firstborn to prove that we are human, we are alive and we didn't land on the planet yesterday. This piece of the puzzle is the one that makes me more nervous than anything else!

Finally, I'm going to take my license exam in the morning. I'm ready. I've studied hard this week. I know the material. I'll be facing a super fast computer program live this time that pulls 130 questions randomly from a bank of 1,000. Please pray that the computer cooperates and doesn't say I have to answer all 1,000! Seriously, please pray for memory recall and calm nerves. Thanks.

And one more thing to pray about - on Monday I've got a client I'm taking in for pre-approval on a loan. He's a friend of mine who wants to buy a house in January. Pray for him and me as we meet with the loan officer on Monday.


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