Tuesday, December 5, 2006

An Update

With the storm that dumped 10 inches of snow on us, life has been different for the last couple of days. I'll bet I'm not the only parent really excited that the kids have to go back to school today!

Diane began her medicine to shrink the tumor on Sunday. It upset her stomach some the first day which wasn't a good sign. Usually that means it will only get worse.

She took her second pill yesterday at lunch time and was nausiated all afternoon and evening. When she got home last night, she ate supper and then promptly fell asleep in the living room for the entire rest of the evening. It was reminiscent of the "bad" old days when she was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

That's really bad. It means there is probably very little chance she'll be able to take the medicine.

Today she's going to try taking the pill with our evening meal. She's hoping that she can sleep through the not feeling good part. We'll see.

Please continue to pray that her body will accept this medicine. If she can't take it we may be facing surgery and for someone with Fibro, that's actually worse.

We've been told you can just leave these Fibroid tumors alone for years and that they're trully not harmful, but I don't know because we've also been told more can and probably will grow.

So now we're beginning to be faced with the "What to do" problem. Surgery? Tough it out on the pills? Nothing? Please pray for us to have wisdom in figuring out how to move forward.

In my world, I have finished going through the study materials and can now take the computer version of the final exam for my license. After I pass that test I can then go and take the official one in Oklahoma City. Right now the plan is to do that next week. That means lots and lots of study this week - thus the joy that the kids are back in school!

We'll not be in church services for the rest of this month as we'll be in Little Rock for Christmas and visiting a few places we have enjoyed attending whenever we had those few Sunday's "off". We will be back in January some and we will have our LIFE group. For those of you in our group, we meet Sunday night at 6 at our house.

Thank you to everyone who showed up for our reception. It was so heart warming to share with friends who we've known for so long. It seems like just yesterday when we arrived at FCC and now that we are changing our journey, saying "goodbye" or at least goodbye to the way things have been is hard. But we know God is in control and that He is good. He is guiding us on this path and we're very excited to see what He has in store for us.

Talk to you soon.


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