Thursday, December 7, 2006

The Nighttime Option

I told you in my last blog that Diane was going to try taking her medicine at nighttime so she could sleep through the worst of feeling badly. We've tried this the last couple of nights and much to my surprise, it looks like this may actually work.

So, we're thanking God and all those praying for us for this development. Please keep praying that this option will continue to work for Diane.

In the short time I've been not working for FCC I'm already beginning to get a different perspective of what it is like to do church and be a Christian outside of paid, full time professional ministry. I'm honestly a bit surprised at what I'm learning, seeing, feeling and experiencing. I'll blog about this in a couple of weeks after I've had more time to take it in a bit.

One last looks like our daughter will be moving out in January. This is by mutual agreement between her and us (okay more mutual by us) and while we wish things could work out differently, this is going to be the best option for everyone concerned - especially Diane. We've got to get a more peaceful environment around our house and the life of our active 19 year old just isn't into that going to bed at 10 p.m. kind of stuff. So, pray for Heather and for us as we face this transition in January. It will be another strange kind of transition in our family.

I often wondered what Abraham might have been feeling and thinking after he left his home because God told him to. I think I know now.


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